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Vibration Reduction

Vibration: One of the main causes of Rotating Equipment failure.

Almost all of this destructive force is due to a lack of proper support from the foundation. Without enough support, movement naturally caused by heavy machinery will cause vibration in the foundation, weakening the structural integrity and causing serious damage to the equipment over time.

STEP 1: Selecting the right grout.

Properly placed precision machinery grout matched to each specific application is the key. Different applications create different needs and challenges. It is critical that you match the right grout to the right application. Using the proper grout can ensure that damage from heavy vibration or chemical exposure is minimized.

Indcon's experts are here to make sure you match the right grout to the right job. Click here to see which grouting product you should use.

STEP 2: Installation.

The proper techniques can avoid disaster and be the difference between a successful installation or a premature failure that could cost you thousands. Traditionally, grout was mixed by the bag and poured into the application site. This technique seemed to fill the area well, but in reality it left air pockets between the grout and the frame, weakening the bond. Without a proper bond between the grout and frame, vibration will still cause the same issues, weakening the foundation and damaging the equipment.

Instead of relying on the unreliable traditional method, Indcon has developed an entirely new method to get optimum results. To see Indcon’s superior process, see our grout application videos here.

Epoxy Grout Flow Characteristics on a Skid

STEP 3: Anchoring System.

Once you've properly grouted, you'll have to be sure that the equipment stays in contact with the grout. Nuts loosen. It's a fact. If your bolts fail to remain secure, vibration will cause damage to the equipment despite a great foundation. The loosening nuts allow the equipment to break contact with the foundation, redirecting forces that should be dissipating into the ground.

Indcon has the solution to this problem! Unlike traditional nuts and bolts that will loosen due to settling and vibration, Nordlock specialty bolting systems remain in place, preventing both settling and spontaneous loosening due to vibration. Indcon is a proud supplier of Nordlock products. To learn more about Nordlock bolts, watch this video:

Five Star Machinery Grout
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