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Old Fashioned?
Don't worry. You can still grout the same old way. One bag at a time.
Rent a pump and cut your labor!


Grout Pump w/Consultant

This option gives you the ability to cut your labor costs in half over conventional grouting. Your workers break the bags into the mixer. The water is controlled automatically by the operator.
The grout is purchased in bags. Delivered prior to the job beginning.
The amount of time saved is only limited by your bag breakers. Average of 14-18 pallets per day depending on the material. (8 hr day)


Grout Pump (Bulk) w/Consultant

This option cuts all your labor for mixing. All you have to do is bring the pallets to the mixer.
The grout is purchased in Bulk bags. Grout is delivered to the job prior to beginning pour.
This method can increase production by 50% over the single bag breaking method with 2 less workers.

Click here to watch our Grouting Revolution Video - See how our revolutionary bulk grouting method will save you time and money!


Grout Machine w/Consultant

This option eliminates all required labor prior to the grout coming out of the hose. That means Cement and Epoxy too!
This system brings the grout with it. All the grout is delivered to the job for you. No more having too much or too little.
This method saves time equal to the Grout Pump (Bulk) w/Operator method but does not require any transport of the grout. You won’t have to wait for more grout either if your math was wrong. It’s fully loaded!


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