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Micor Products

micor company inc

We carry an extensive line of products from Micor Company Inc., including primers, coatings, and epoxy grouts for many different applications.


MICOROX® 103 PRIMER is a multipurpose primer and sealer, based upon a unique chemistry that allows the application of other MICOROX® products including resurfacers, liners and coatings to green concrete. This is an ideal substitute for curing compounds, hardeners or sealants for new concrete. Datasheet SDS/MSDS


MICOROX® 145 SEALER is a 100% solids epoxy novolac coating designed for application in extremely corrosive environments. Datasheet  
MICOROX® 1882 SEALER is a 100% solids epoxy coating designed for application in corrosive environments. Datasheet SDS/MSDS


MICOROX® STANDARD GROUT is an exceptional, high strength, fast setting industrial epoxy grout designed for grouting, regrouting and anchoring equipment. It has superior flow rates for easy penetration under machine bases or sole plates and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemical and abrasive conditions, vibration and impact. Datasheet SDS/MSDS
MICOROX® X-TRA FLUID GROUT, L/O FORMULA is an exceptional, high strength, fast setting epoxy material designed for grouting, regrouting and anchoring equipment combining these outstanding physical properties with low odor. Color matching is available if minimum order quantities are met. Datasheet SDS/MSDS

Repair Material

CCS 10.5 is a low viscosity penetrating two component modified urethane polymer when combined with aggregate forms an extremely tough durable polymer repair material. Datasheet  

Crusher Backing Grout

MICOROX® BACKING GROUT is a 100% solids epoxy resin compound formulated for backing wear metal in all types of crushers, grinding mills and other heavy machinery used in mining and crushed aggregate operations. Datasheet SDS/MSDS