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Precision Grouts

Your equipment can’t run at peak efficiency if it’s not properly supported. Make sure you get the foundation you need by placing precision machinery grout under your baseplates. Indcon offers grouts for every application. Whether its vibration, chemical attack, or heavy dynamic loading, we have a product to meet your needs!

Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy grouts bond to both steel and concrete, insuring the best load transfer available. They are also better than cement grouts at dissipating dynamic forces. Epoxy grouts are great for applications where vibration, impact, or mild chemical attack are factors.

Cement Grout

Cement grouts are used for static loads, smooth running machinery, and conditions where epoxy grouts are prone to fail. Cement grouts can also provide a less-costly alternative to epoxy grouts in certain situations. There are cement grouts for every type of application- tight clearances, deep pours, mass pours, quick turn-around, and many more.

Chemical Resistant Grouts

Indcon can provide a complete line of chemical resistant grout suitable for a wide range of operating conditions. Whether you're dealing with acids, caustics, oils or solvents, we'll match the right product for your application. Get chemical proofing and grouting done in one step!


Not sure which grout is right for your application? Use our Grout Selector.
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