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Grout Equipment

Save time and labor costs while ensuring the best grouting results possible by renting our pumps and mixers. We have equipment designed specifically for bulk grouting and equipment for use on smaller grouting jobs. We can even be on site to show proper use of the equipment and ensure you know the best grouting methods. If you think you could benefit from faster, more efficient grouting and better results or just want more information about our grouting equipment, give us a call today!

Mini-Bulk Mixer/Pump

Save big on labor with this system. No more repetitive bag breaking. No more wheel barrows. No more buckets. This equipment combination will allow you to break the equivalent of 16 bags at a time and pump the grout in to place with minimal labor. You can place as much as two truckloads in a regular working day with just 4 workers. Additionally, pumping allows for better, more uniform grout placement. If you have a large Epoxy or Cement grout placement, you need to consider this method.  




Epoxy Pump

epoxy grout pumpThe Epoxy pump allows you to put the grout exactly where it needs to be. We all know that “flowable” is relative when it comes to epoxies. With the drag caused by concrete and surface tension on the steel, it can be tough just to get the grout moving. Even though grout appears on the far side of the equipment, you may not have full contact with the underside of the equipment. Our pumping method will give you the best placement, and therefore the best support for your equipment. If you have a large skid or a machine that will experience vibration, impact, or chemical attack, this is even more critical.




Air Powered Pump

This equipment is perfect for grouting a large number of smaller machines or base plates in a relatively small area. Placing cement grouts with these pumps is a great way to reduce the labor needed to move grout from one placement to the next. With this equipment, you can stage and mix your grout in one spot and simply move your delivery hose anywhere you need it. It’s a snap with this small portable system.

air powered pumpair powered pump


Whether you’re pumping or pouring grout in to place, using mechanical mixers ensures the best blending possible while increasing your mixing efficiency. Improperly mixed grout can result in separation or otherwise poor performance. Avoid common issues by using one of our mechanical mixers on your next grouting job.  

air powered pump

bulk grout mixer pump