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Coatings, Linings, & Corrosion Protection

Protective Coatings

Coatings are a key tool to protect your investment in your facility. Any surfaces that may be exposed to harsh chemicals need some protection. We offer a complete line of coatings that protect against a wide range of chemicals used across all industries.


Tanks that contain process chemicals and blending vessels are under constant attack from the chemicals they contain. The harshest of these conditions often calls for a more robust layer of protection. Indcon has a complete line-up of lining systems, both reinforced and flake filled, spray applied and troweled, and even high temp and high molecular weight.

Corrosion Protection

Protection from the effects of harsh chemicals comes in various forms. For applications that require repair and protection in one layer, we offer polymer concretes. These are considered concrete replacements with the resistance of traditional protective systems like linings and coatings, but with far fewer headaches in prep and curing. They come in different base materials to resist most industrial chemicals.

Corrosion protection also comes in other forms like no-primer paints for elevated steel and coatings in wrap form for underground applications and the air/sail transition.

Coatings, Linings, & Corrosion Protection