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A.W. Cook

AW Cook Cement Products Inc


EconoGrout is a flowable, high strength, non‐shrink, non‐corrosive, non‐staining industrial grout that is compatible in appearance with ordinary concrete. This product contains no metallic aggregates, accelerators, chlorides or oxidizing catalysts. Datasheet SDS/MSDS

Concrete and Concrete Repair

Cemtec FD Hi-Temp Concrete SCC is a one component, Calcium aluminate Cement concrete containing heat resistant aggregate, polymers and reinforcing fibers for making full depth repairs of all types of concrete structures. Will withstand temperatures up to 1800°. Datasheet SDS/MSDS
Cemtec Silatec Concrete is a specially formulated, prepackaged blend of Portland cement, aggregates, microsilica fibers, and other unique chemicals. It is ideal for use where a fast setting time and high strength are desired. Datasheet SDS/MSDS
Screed Patch is designed for repairing large spalls in concrete. Screed Patch can be used above or below grade and is highly suited for use as a concrete overlay or as a flowable formed repair material. Datasheet SDS/MSDS