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Air Sentry

Air Sentry

D Series Breather (Disposable, Stationary)

The D-Series breathers feature numerous models in a variety of sizes, designed to satisfy the requirements of most stationary fluid management applications. The breathers provide application flexibility by using 100% silica gel for moisture adsorption or 100% activated carbon for fume and odor control, or both when necessary. All D-Series models feature 2-micron solid particle filtration and are available with airflow ratings of 20 cfm.

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R Series Breather (High Vibration Applications)

R-Series breathers are ideal for these high vibration, mobile applications, including off-road, construction and farm vehicles. R-Series desiccant breathers are easily mounted in place of standard breather caps via rugged steel pipe threads and a reusable metal base.

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X Series Breather (High Humidity Applications)

X-Series Breathers are the perfect solution for high humidity and high dust environments. To extend the desiccant's life, the X-Series incorporates 2 check valves and a reusable top cap. The check valves provide a closed system until airflow is required, extending the service life of the desiccant. Specifically, the intake check valve allows airflow into the breather only when differential pressure between the atmosphere and fluid reservoir exceeds a 0.1 psi threshold, while the exhaust check valve permits air to exit the reservoir when the differential pressure exceeds a 2.0 psi threshold.

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XR Series Breather (Extreme Environmental Applications)

XR-Series breathers include a metal reinforced base available with male NPT threads to adapt to your equipment. The base is designed to handle the rigors of high vibration applications. The top cap uses two check valves to prevent outside moisture and solid contaminants from entering the breather until there is a need for airflow. The rebuildable design allows for economical replacement of the desiccant cartridge.

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Adapters for Easy Application

A wide variety of adapters is available for virtually any application.


ColorGuard Adapters and Accessories

ColorGuard, an innovative anodized color-coding system that provides immediate identification of contents to prevent cross contamination. This streamlines maintenance and eliminates handling issues. Available in eight distinct colors.

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