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Machinery Grouting

Your equipment can’t run at peak efficiency if it’s not properly supported. Make sure you get the foundation you need by placing precision machinery grout under your baseplates. Five Star Products has been the market leader in precision Machinery Grouts for over 50 years. Indcon offers grouts for every application. Vibration, chemical attack, heavy dynamic loading, we have a product to meet your needs!


Epoxy Grouts

Great for applications where vibration or impact is a factor. Also ideal for mild chemical attack.



Cement Grout

Five Star has a grout suited for every application. Tight Clearances, deep pours, mass pours, quick turn-around and many more.



Chemical Resistant Grouts

Indcon can provide a complete line of chemical resistant grout suitable for a wide range of operating conditions. Acids, Caustics, oils or solvents; we’ll match your application with the right product.
Chemical proofing and grouting in one step!


Five Star makes the grout and Indcon has the pumps you need to place it!

If your application calls for special placement considerations, we have all the tools and equipment to make your grout pour a success.

How do I determine which grout to use? (click here to find out what grout is best for you)

Grout selection is critical. There are a few basic things to consider when choosing a grout.

  1. Is the equipment going to vibrating excessively or producing significant impact?
  2. Will the grout be exposed to chemical attack?
  3. How much clearance is available for placement?
  4. What is the operating temp?
  5. How much time do you have before you need this equipment back in service?

These are important things to know to insure you select the right material the first time.

Check out the selection Guide from Five Star Products 888-809-2365

Reduce your Down-Time with Quick Turn-around grouts from Five Star. Start up in as little as 4 hours! Cements and Epoxy.

Select the right product, go to: www.fivestarproducts.com/html/fla.html

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