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Lubrication Quality

Lubrication quality is one of the most critical, and yet most often overlooked components of properly functioning equipment.

Contaminants in your Lube and Hydraulic fluids wear away at the life of you rotating equipment. Bearings are in a constant battle with heat and wear. Your hydraulic components are easily fouled by small particles. Valves clog, actuators fail, and cylinders wear much faster when you circulate contaminated fluids. Lubrication oils must be clean to insure that bearings and gears don't fail prematurely and cost your plant big money.

Many systems, especially hydraulic systems, require oil to be much cleaner, due to the small clearance of hydraulic filtration systems. Small particle contamination that may not affect a recalculating lube-oil system could be catastrophic for hydraulic systems, where hydraulic fluids must pass through very small openings.

How do you know if your fluids are contaminated?

Ensure your efforts to keep your fluids are clean and working. Test your lubrication and process fluids while your equipment is running. See what your equipment sees when it's operating at it's peak. We have equipment available that can give you a snapshot of your fluid's current condition without shutting down.  

Preventative Measures

Keeping contaminants out of your lubrication fluids in the first place is the most cost effective method of ensuring your lubrication fluids are clean. Fixing contamination is much more costly than preventing it from happening.

Contamination often occurs when new oil is introduced into a system. Oil clean enough to go into a drum is not necessarily clean enough to circulate through your system without issue. 

Keep your lubrication and process fluids clean with a variety of filtration and purification systems available for rent or purchase from Indcon. We have products and solutions for all levels of need, from replacement filters to automatic filtering systems. 

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