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Indcon sales professionals are more than just knowledgeable, they are product experts. At Indcon, we've seen it all, and we know how to handle any problem. Since grouting isn't usually your first concern, we've developed some helpful resources that you can access quickly.


You can count on Indcon to have material when and where you need it.

Our network of warehouses and sales professionals puts material and technical assistance within reach anywhere nationwide.

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Resources for Engineers

Spec Assistance

With our extensive experience in industrial projects, we can help make an informed decision about the best products, packaging and installation techniques best suited to a successful grout installation.

Have a spec related question? Send it to us and we'll get you an answer!

Labor Savings

Our unique approach to reducing the labor and time required for grouting makes Indcon the right choice for your project.

With access to our specially designed equipment, unique packaging options, and innovative techniques, you'll see grouting in a whole new light.

Spec Systems Grout Pumps

On-site Presence*

Our knowledgeable and experienced field reps will work with your contractors on planning and preparing for grouting. They'll even be on- site when critical equipment is grouted to ensure the contractor has the guidance needed to get the expected results.

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Technical Support*

Our experienced field reps can be involved in all stages of your project. We are available to aid in the planning, preparation, training, installation, and follow-up of the grouting portion of your projects.

Grouting wont "make" a project successful, but grouting poorly sure can ruin a successful project. Let us help make your next grouting venture a pleasant and successful experience.

*Subject to our General Terms and Conditions (PDF).

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