It's important to remember "Process" over "Product". Getting the installation done right is key to making sure your project is built as you designed it. The best material in the world won’t work if it's poorly installed!
New tools to fight slackening and spontaneous bolt loosening.
Reduce time and labor with technically superior products and equipment

At Indcon, we have the maintenance products you need, for any type of industry and any type of customer. Whether you're a contractor or a maintenance professional, we have what you need to get the best results.

Indcon Inc's Vibration Reduction Services Vibration Reduction

Vibration is one of the main causes of rotating equipment failure.

Almost all of this destructive force is due to a lack of proper support from the foundation. Selecting the right precision machinery grout and using proper installation methods could divert disaster and be the difference between successful installation or a premature failure.

Once you've grouted properly, engineered bolting systems prevent the natural loosening that vibration causes to ordinary nuts and bolts.

Indcon Inc's Lubrication Quality Lubrication Quality

Contaminants in Lube and Hydraulic fluids wear away at the life of rotating equipment. Bearings are in a constant battle with heat and wear. Lubricating oils have to be clean to insure bearings and gears don't fail prematurely and cost your plant big money. Even small particles cause valves to clog, actuators to fail, and cylinders to wear much faster.

Keep your lubricating and process fluids clean with a variety of filtration and purification systems available for rent or purchase.Testing equipment is available for use at your plant that can give you a snapshot of your fluid's condition while your equipment is running.

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